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With millions of hybrid, EV, and alternatively fueled vehicles on the road, MGS Tech offers multiple courses to provide First Responders with the knowledge to safely and confidently manage MVA incidents. These courses are available in multiple formats to best suit your audience and fit time constraints.

Hybrid/New Vehicle Technology for First Responders

2-Hour – Designed to be an integral part of Auto-X presentations, this course is intended to be a basic overview of auto technology. This classroom presentation can be supplemented with hands-on scenarios during pit rotations as needed. Topics include: review of alternative fueled vehicles, basic electrical theory, voltage hazards, component location, approach tactics suited to all vehicle incidents, power down procedures, fire and submersion procedures, myths, and hands-on demonstrations (time permitting).

4-Hour – Designed for operators/shift fire fighters as a more in-depth and specific format of the vehicle technology class. Topics include: all 2-hour course topics listed above plus, HID lighting hazards, SRS/airbag types and locations, SRS power down procedures, alternative fuels, and the future of alternative fueled vehicles.

8 to 10-Hour: Train the Trainer – Our most popular course, TTT is intended as the most in-depth way to enable a training officer to present accurate information to their department. Topics include: all previously listed topics, presented in a detailed format.

Practical Advanced Train the Trainer – This hands-on practical training is available in 1/2 day or full day formats, offered as a supplement to the classroom course. It is only intended for students with prior extrication experience and requires full PPE.

This course focuses on command and control operations, formulation and execution of extrication plans, problem solving, advanced tool tactics, rapid intervention extraction procedures, and patient handling. Throughout the day, students will be presented with MVA scenarios and will be required to plan and execute the extrication of a live patient.

Alternative Fuel Heavy Truck/Bus for First Responders

4-Hour – Designed for operators/shift fire fighters to provide the knowledge necessary to properly mitigate incidents involving commercial vehicles that utilize modern hybrid and alternative fuels. Topics include: LNG, CNG, Hybrid, EV, and Hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicle systems, power down procedures, cargo identification, load calculations, fire hazards and mitigation.

Advanced Supplemental Restraint Systems for Crash Analysis and Event Reconstruction

4-Hour – This course takes an in-depth look at supplemental restraint systems and how they function during MVA’s. Topics include: crash data reconstruction, vehicle body structure, steel, physics applied to vehicle in an incident, preventative systems, operational hazards, power down procedures.

Class Combinations

Classes can be combined or modified to best suit the needs of your students.

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